Jung Centre Hong Kong


Dr. Shirley S. Y. Ma




Shirley Ma holds the distinction of being the only Chinese Jungian Psychoanalyst to graduate from the Carl G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland (1984-89). Born in Hong Kong, Shirley received her Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the Jung Institute after obtaining two degrees from the University of Toronto, a B.A. (Honours) in Sociology and Psychology, and a Master of Science in Urban and Regional Planning.


In 1990, Shirley returned to Toronto from Zurich and has been in private practice ever since. In 2006 Shirley relocated to Hong Kong and set up her analytic practice there.


Beginning her professional life as an economic planner, Shirley became – like so many women today – overwhelmed by feelings of futility and dissatisfaction. This prompted her to enter Jungian analysis and eventually to complete her training as a Jungian analyst. Her own inner journey and her unique standing as the only Chinese Jungian analyst then led her to return to her heritage and explore Chinese thought, culture, myths, and legends in great depth. In 2000, she received a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Ontario College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, Canada. In 2007, she received her Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counselling, a joint program with the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, Montreal, Canada and Open International University in Complementary Medicine, majoring in comparative studies of Western Psychotherapy and Eastern Spirituality.


This unique ability to combine Chinese and Jungian thought has led to her teaching workshops, leading seminars, and being a guest lecturer around the world. She regularly teaches summer courses at the Jung Institute and the International School of Analytic Psychology both in Zurich. She has lectured as a guest faculty member for Jungian societies in New York, Dallas, Buffalo, Montreal, and Ottawa. She has also lectured in the departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, Social Work and Behavioral Health at the University of Hong Kong, and is currently Honorary Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department there.


Shirley has made presentations at international conferences in Europe, North America and China. Her publications that explore the connections between Eastern and Western thought and spirituality include the chapter on "Jung and the Chinese Way" in /Psychology and Religion in the New Millennium and Beyond/, edited by Marvin Spiegelman, Arizona: New Falcon Press, 1998; and "The I Ching and Psyche-body Connection" in Journal of Analytical Psychology, 2005. Her book on the psychological exploration of Chinese foot binding is in the publication process.



As a teacher and seminar and workshop leader, Shirley has served as the Senior Training Analyst on the faculty of the Analyst Training Program in Toronto, Canada. Currently, she is training analyst at the Hong Kong Institute of Analytical Psychology. She is also on the faculty of the Carl G. Jung Institute and the International School of Analytical Psychology both in Zurich, Switzerland. Recently she founded Jung Centre Hong Kong which serves as a forum for Jungian psychoanalytic training in Asia.